Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Federation A Level exhibition at Crystal Palace

GCSE Exhibition

Arts Award Part B


I went to watch Wicked The Musical in the theatre, as my Part B for Bronze Arts Award.
It was amazing.
It told the untold story of the witches in the movie The Wizard of Oz. It had lots of humour and was great fun.
My favourite part was when Fiyero and Alfaba saved the lion cub. The only bit I didn't quite like was when Alfaba was killed by Dorothy, as this was shown as shadows behind a curtain and looked a bit fake.
The actors had amazing voices and their dancing was on point. When I walked in, my expectations were that the production was going to be cheesy, but I stood corrected. I would definitely recommend it to everyone, no matter what age or likes, this musical is a must for everyone. Especially if you like humour.
I narrated my night with my classmates and here are their comments:
"After hearing that Wicked was simply great from Aasiyah, I would definitely like to go and see Wicked!"
"Aasiyah made Wicked sound very interesting. Even though I've already seen it, she made me want to go see it again!"
"Aasiyah made the musical Wicked sound very interesting and humorous. I would go to watch Wicked because it sounds like a very good experience." 
"The description by Aasiyah was quite astonishing and exciting; I would definitely go to watch the production."
Wicked was just simply Wicked!

Arts Award feedback from Carlos Cortes session

Some feedback and comments from those who took part in the workshop:

'I likes this session as we got destroy pieces of cardboard and then had to draw a portrait on it. I also drew a face on another persons piece of card, and we all swapped as a group. This lesson has inspired me to complete drawings with my left hand' Carlos Norton

'I think this session was really useful, as it was lead by a professional artist, and gave me new ideas about looking at artworks' Joanne Harris

'I think Carlos was an inspirational artist because he said that artwork doesn't always have to be perfect, but should always have a meaning. He showed us work that had hidden messages and meaning' Nishand Rajagopol

'We had a special visit from artist and performer Carlos Cortes. I enjoyed the workshop because we were able to explore how to look at artwork in a different way. We looked at perspective in several paintings.' Samuel Daley

'I thought the lesson was very entertaining and gave me a lot of ideas for my own artwork. I like the idea that you can create artwork on any materials that you find.' Noah Hall-Odufona

'The interactive activities were very interesting as we highlighted lines of symmetry and lines on a renaissance painting'  Chee-Ho Nim

'I thoroughly enjoyed the artist presenatation. My favourite part of the session was when he showed us his own work. This has nispred me to have more confidence in my drawing abilities and that drawing can be completed using any mark-making materials' Rufaidah Kamara 

'I found the workshop interesting and fun because we got to draw a person with our left hand (non-dominant hand). The portraits turned out to be very interesting and very detailed. Kang Mbang

'The activity made me more interested in drawing/ using my skills in seeing and recording information onto the page.' Aasiyah Kanji

'A fascinating workshop, whereby Carlos showed us a range of skills and techniques that he used for his own work. It was fun destroying cardboard then using it as our material for which to draw onto.' Jai Sood

To fins out more about Carlos Cortes' work go to:

Thursday, 19 May 2016

A Level coursework

Some work from our AS student, who is exploring paper manipulation and distortion.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Halfway through our GCSE and A Level examinations..

Early morning students finishing off the last of their examination prep work, and preparing themselves for the long, exciting and challenging day ahead.

Calm and conscientious, our students are producing high quality work, and will surely make themselves and us very proud indeed.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Movement and figures....

A round up of some excellent A-Level and GCSE pieces from this week. These student have shown a great level of skill, through using some complex and innovative processes.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016